It is business as usual as we continue to strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for all your window solutions while providing safe practices to our clients due to COVID-19.


Here at Winplex we handle the entire custom design process, installation, and aftercare service. Our dedicated team ensures you are in good hands and we will perceiver until you are completely satisfied.

Our custom design service goes the extra mile compared to other companies. Winplex offers the highest range of uPVC products currently in Australia, so there isn’t much we can say no to.


We understand that sometimes there’s a certain design that you’re after that’s hard to put into words. That’s why we offer a system where you can customise your very own windows. Simply put together your own windows and send the document to us, and we will set up a time with you to come directly to your home where we can show you products and explain the benefits of using our windows, compared to others. View below to get started;


Not all window and door designs can be manufactured and the final design that you create will not always look exactly the same as the design on the application. Please upload the documents and we will update you on what can & can’t be done.



Guardsafe Glass
Our Guardsafe glass features one layer of 8.76mm Laminated glass to prevent intruders from breaking a window from the exterior.  When broken the glass does not shatter,
but rather holds so it is much more difficult to get inside your home.

Guardsafe + Glass

Our Guardsafe + Glass feaures layers of 8.76 laminated glass on both sides. If an intruder manages to get through one pane, they will have to get through the other as well.


Our Ecoglaze glass features 2 layers of 6mm Toughened Glass and argon gas, with a Low-E film on the exterior. This ensures your house stay warmer in winter days, and cooler in summer. With a U Value as low as 1.7, you will keep your home and family much more comfortable.

Ecoglaze + Glass

Our Ecoglaze + Glass features 3 layers of 5mm Toughened glass with argon gas in-between each layer of glass. This product uses thermal spaces so this helps improve your thermal performance even further. Not to mention the Low-E glass keeps all the energy out as well. With U-values as low as 1.4, you will achieve the ultimate thermal efficiency.

Integral Blinds

Integral blinds are the most technologically advanced blinds on the market today. They can be fully opened, closed, or tilted in the same way as conventional blinds, allowing as much or as little light as you want and to protect your privacy. They’re inside a double glazed, argon gas filled unit, which means they’ll never attract dust and never need cleaning.

Lamination Colours

If white isn’t going to cut it have a look at our wide range of colours and choose your favourite. You even can mimic the look of timber or aluminium!

Windows Custom

Colonial Bars or Grilles:

Grilles have the magic to turn an ordinary window into an extraordinary window. Our grilles are inside a double glazed argon gas filled unit so you can enjoy the beauty of finely crafted multi-pane windows without the expense or upkeep. Check out our grille patterns!

Windows Custom
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