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Winning European-designed window systems for Australian conditions

German Technology
100% Genuine VEKA profiles & ROTO hardware
Superior Noise Reduction
Up to 90% Noise Reduction with double, triple & quadruple glazing options
Thermal Efficiency
Multiple chamber, high performance construction, with a U Value of 1.4
Maintenance Free
Rot, rust, salt corrosion & fade proof with a 10-year guarantee


Let the light in.

From the deserts of Arizona, to the coldest parts of Scandinavia, from the dry heat of the Gulf, to the tropics of Malaysia, uPVC windows now account for 80% of the world’s windows.

Outperforming most locally made wooden and aluminium windows, modern high-quality uPVC (unplasticised PVC, or vinyl-framed) window systems are now available in Australia.

Offering exceptional value and thermal efficiency for Australian conditions, the world’s most affordable and sustainable window choice for 21st century living is here.

Winplex uPVC window systems are:

  • 40% more efficient than standard aluminium windows
  • Fusion welded, leak proof & frost-free
  • Termite proof & moisture resistant
  • Impact resistant for improved security & safety
  • The use of our Guardsafe Glass so you can keep your home and belongings safe
  • Capable of retaining their shape, sheen & colour
  • Resistant to warping, cracking & splitting
  • Available in a range of styles, colours & finishes
  • Designed for negligible expansion & contraction
  • Low-maintenance choice for coastal locations
  • Compliant with Australian AS2047, CE & SONCAP marks
  • The use of tropical uPVC mix so they always maintain their white colour

we have the highest range of window and door products in Australia with the lowest U Value

This windows top hung opening allowing fresh air to ventilate more easily.

Bifold windows are a popular and versatile window for many applications.

A large picture window that is flanked on either side by smaller windows.

With no corner post to get in the way, corner doors can turn two rooms into one with ease.

Naturally smooth, gliding and brilliantly remarkable folding doors

Functionally balanced and well-fitted tilt and slide door can make a real difference to your home.

Looking to replace your windows?

Leave noise, dust & pollen where it belongs. Outside.

Constructed to exacting standards, durable, air-tight seals prevent the entry of noise, dust and environmental pollutants while saving you hundreds of dollars a year on your heating and cooling bill.

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With high tensile impact resistant frames and toughened, double-glazed windows, uPVC windows are quality accredited to keep your home and its contents safe and secure.

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90% of the world’s replacement windows are now uVPC*
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