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UPVC Windows

uPVC is a resistant type of hard plastic that is commonly used to manufacture pipes and window frames. uPVC frames boast a number of benefits over traditional wooden or aluminium window frames, including-


uPVC isn’t prone to rot or corrosion, even in the most extreme weather conditions. It is also proven to last up to 3x longer than aluminium or timber.


uPVC is ultra energy efficient, which drives down heating costs and improves living comfort. It is also a fantastic sound insulator, meaning external environmental noise is minimized.

Low Maintenance

uPVC window frames don’t need to be weather treated, and apart from the occasional wipe-down to remove dust, they don’t require any further maintenance. They also hold their colour, so won’t fade after a few years in the sun.

Heat Insulation
uPVC is a poor conductor of heat, meaning it provides excellent heat insulation Aluminium is a good heat conductor, meaning it allows heat to pass through easily, so is a poor heat insulator Wood is a poor heat conductor, so gives good heat insulation. However, with contraction and expansion over time, heat will begin to seep out
Corrosion Resistance
uPVC does not rot or corrode over time Aluminium is susceptible to rusting and corrosion over time Timber tends to rot over time, especially if not treated correctly
Termite Resistance
uPVC is not prone to termite infestations Aluminium is not prone to termite infestations Timber can attract termites which weaken and corrode the wood over time
Fade Resistance
uPVC frames do not fade, even in extreme direct sunlight Aluminium window frames don’t typically fade, but can sometimes become discoloured over time, depending on the material used to coat them Wooden window frames fade quickly and need regular treatment to prevent this happening
Fire Resistance
uPVC material is self-extinguishing once a flame is removed, meaning it has excellent fire resistance Aluminium has a high melting point, meaning it has good fire resistance Timber catches fire and burns easily
uPVC window frames require no maintenance apart from occasional cleaning Aluminium window frames need sporadic maintenance over long periods of time Timber window frames require regular treatment and painting in order to withstand the elements
Noise Reduction
uPVC windows offer up to 90% noise reduction. Aluminium window frames offer varying levels of noise reduction Timber window frames can warp and drastically increase noise levels
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