Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Hinged from either side depending on the side of opening. This window opens outward like a door.

  • Australian Manufactured
  • Double Glazed from Australian Glass Group
  • 10 year Guarantee
  • Multi-Lock in Point System
  • German uPVC Profiles from Aluplast (Ideal 4000)
  • German Hardware
  • Choice of either winding or pop out
  • Fly Screens Available

Our Casement window is great for airflow and has a slick design. It opens outwards like a door, very efficient and easy to use it makes it a fantastic product to use for many older style Melbourne homes.

All profiles used on this product come directly from Germany using Aluplast window frames, the frames are called the Ideal 4000 . It is one of the highest quality window frames known in the window market today well surpassing any other profiles from Deceuninck, Kommerling, or Rehau. Truly engineered to give you the highest level of comfort with the longest lasting life. No other profiles even come close to the shelf life of the Aluplast product in Australian conditions, especially in coloured frames.

In Regards to hardware our Casement windows come in 2 different options;

  1. Espag: The espag awning has a simple mechanism with just the turn of a handle and the window opens outwards. This hardware is imported from Germany and requires Retractable Fly-Screens. This will be required to be fitted after the installation is completed and is not something that we include.
  2. Truth: The truth hardware set is an American winding system that winds out from the bottom. It includes 2 Lock in Points on either side and can have Fixed Fly-Screens fitted prior to installation.

Our standard glass option is 2 layers of 4mm Toughened glass with argon gas and low-E / U value of about 1.9

Optional Upgrades:


For added thermal efficiency to your home, deepening on your budget and comfort you are looking for.

Low-E Prime: Mid Level of Comfort- $

Low-E Plus: Mid-High Level of Comfort- $$

Low-E Max: Guaranteed High Level of Comfort- $$$$

Acoustic Glass:

For people with noise issues looking for a solution.

Noise Away: Mid Level of Noise Reduction (6.5 Audio-Shield x Argon x 4mm Toughened)  – $

Noise Away +: Mid-High Level of Noise Reduction (6.5 Audio-Shield x Argon x 6.76 Audio-Shield) – $$

Noise Gone ++: High level of Noise Reduction (8.76 Audio-Shield x Argon x 8.76 Audio-Shield- $$$$

Security Glazing:

Guardsafe Glass: Mid- High Level of Security (8.38mm Laminate x Argon x 5mm Toughened) – $$

Guardsafe + Glass: High Level of Security (8.38 Laminate x Argon x 8.38 Laminate)- $$$$

Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass is produced by the sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass. It has the effect of rendering the glass translucent by the scattering of light during transmission.

Frame Lamination Colours

All Window and Door frames are available in a large range of lamination colours.


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