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Double Glazed Windows Oakleigh

This double glazed windows Oakleigh project was provided for a contractor who required over 60 windows! Winplex definitely delivered.

Ivan and his family contacted Winplex as they were building three townhouses and needed some uPVC double glazed windows and doors. We first began meeting and planning with Ivan over one year ago, and after extensive planning, we finally came to the final decision. This was for an order of over 60 double glazed windows and doors!

Here at Winplex we are able to fulfil both large orders for contractors, but also smaller orders for individual family homes.

The installation day for these townhouse windows and doors went like a breeze. We had so much fun using cranes and frames to lift us, the windows and the doors to the upper levels of the townhouses. 

These double glazed windows that we installed for Ivan looked absolutely amazing. Ivan was extremely thrilled with work we completed and even said that these were the “highest quality windows” he’s ever seen! Coming from a contractor who has clearly built many houses before, we took this compliment very highly! We’re sure that we now have a customer for life.

Double glazed windows add an amazing appeal to any house that homeowners would be proud to have. Research also shows that high quality luxury items (such as our windows) in a home can also increase the property value and the associated renters value. This small cost can make Ivan more money when renting out his three townhouses.

For further details on double glazed windows in Oakleigh or to enquire about our other services, please contact us!

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