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Double Glazed Windows KenSington

This double glazed windows Kensington project was provided for a family who requested their windows to be replaced due to rotting.

Eric and his family contacted Winplex as they desperately needed to replace two windows in their home. When we arrived, we realised that both windows had completely rotted out! This is extremely unsafe, unsanitary and just simply ugly. We knew that at this point, the best option was just to remove the entire window frame and build a whole new one. 

Eric decided with our team that he absolutely needed to install uPVC double glazed windows after hearing the amazing benefits. They are completely non-corrosive and non-rotting. That means that his new Winplex windows will never turn out like his old ones did. On the off chance that they did, we even offer a 10 year window guarantee! Our uPVC double glazed windows also boast amazing termite, fade and fire resistance, amazing heat insulation and even excellent noise reduction qualities. It’s a no-brainer!

Eric chose to install awning windows. These windows have a hinge at the top, meaning that they open from the bottom. We offer two options for opening these windows – winding or pop-out. You can test out both of these types and determine which will work better for your family. All of our awning windows are manufactured in Australia by top tier manufacturers and use all german hardware (that’s the best kind). We also offer fly screens if you feel that they may be beneficial for your home.

These double glazed windows that we installed for Eric looked absolutely amazing. He was overjoyed and planned to definitely contact us again for any future window repairs.

For further details on double glazed windows Kensington or to enquire about our other services, please contact us!

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